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Transmedia exhibition "The Construction of Europe: History, memory and myth of Europeanness over 1000 years"

The ACA, at its headquarters in the Palace of the Viceroys, hosts the temporary transmedia exhibition "The Construction of Europe: History, memory and myth of Europeanness over 1000 years", in which the common history of Europe is analyzed through the documentary treasures kept in the European archives.

This exhibition is the first of three - the other two will be hosted respectively by the Documentary Center of Historical Memory and the General Archive of the Indies - which are framed in the context of the European Digital Treasures project: management of centenary archives in the 21st century, co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Commission and which has the association of the State / National Archives of several countries (Spain, as a leader, Hungary, Norway, Portugal and Malta) and renowned European institutions such as the International Center for Archival Research (ICARUS) and Munster University of Technology (Cork).

This collaboration, which has been possible thanks to the progress made in the digitization of the documents preserved in the archives of almost the entire continent, has resulted in a transmedia experience in the history of Europe. This exhibition is genuinely an achievement of European cooperation, through the solidarity of capacities, heritage, diversity, wealth and inspiration of all those who have made this project possible.

Through the selection of fifty documents from archives from different parts of the continent, the construction of Europe is narrated as a concept that has been changing over time, questioning the possibility of creating a common perspective from which to understand European history as a story. shared by all its inhabitants. This narrative has been structured around four thematic pillars: The Spirit of Europe; The diversity of Europe; The many faces of Christianity; and The Heritage of the Enlightenment.

The stories that are told here combine different technological tools, with which the public will be able to access the written past through multiple channels that will allow them to experiment, play, learn and share, with that unique capacity that documents have to tell the micro-stories that they made the great construction of Europe possible.

The exhibition can be visited from June 29 to October 29, 2021, with capacity restrictions and hygiene and safety measures established by health authorities to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Palace of the Viceroys:

C / Comtes, 2.

Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday closed.


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