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Francisco de Borja, Viceroy of Catalonia (1539-1543)

On September 17, 2010, the exhibition “Francisco de Borja, Viceroy of Catalonia (1539-1543)” was inaugurated at the Palau del Lloctinent. Organized by the Gandia City Council, with the sponsorship of the Barcelona Institute of Culture and the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and the Generalitat de Catalunya, the exhibition is a tour of the barely four years of the Viceroyalty of the IV Duke of Gandia in the Principality, in the year that marks the fifth centenary of his birth. Furthermore, the place could not be more suitable, since it was during his tenure when the courts of Monzón in 1542 ordered the construction of the palace which, although it was never his residence, now houses him.

The exhibition offers documentary contributions from various archives and institutions that reflect the management of his lieutenancy, but also episodes of his private life.

The family and noble vision that the documentation of the Nobility Section of the National Historical Archive offers us of his figure, is enriched with the administrative one of the Archive of the Crown of Aragon or the Historical Archive of the City of Barcelona, ​​the contextual one of the maps and plans from the General Archive of Simancas, the intellectual one provided by the municipal historical archives of Valencia and Gandia itself, or the spiritual one provided by the objects from the convent of Santa Clara in the duke's hometown.

The exhibition will remain open at the Palau del Lloctinent until January 16, 2011.

From September 27, 2010 to January 16, 2011