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64 Miniatures for Miquel Pujol

64 Miniaturas para Miquel Pujol

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports presents, on Wednesday April 22 at the Archive of the Crown of Aragon, in Barcelona, ​​the exhibition 64 Miniatures for Miquel Pujol.

With this exhibition, the Archivo de la Corona de Aragón wants to reinforce its commitment to the European Heritage Seal, granted by the European Commission last March, seeking synergies with contemporary creativity and organizing exhibitions of contemporary works of art.

The "miniatures" are creations with a cello format in which music, plastic arts and literature come together to form a harmonious whole. Miquel Pujol has written thirty-two scores on which thirty-two artists and writers have poured their creativity. Likewise, a facsimile of a 15-meter score is exhibited in which, in addition to featuring the musical composition of Miquel Pujol, such relevant plastic artists as Josep Maria Subirachs, Rafols Casamada, Guinovart or Modest Cuixart participate.

Miquel Pujol i Grau (Barcelona, ​​1942), cellist, composer, musicologist, artist, has developed new sonorities and has delved into the relationship between music and the plastic arts through his work, becoming a multidisciplinary artist. Some of his main works are Musical Allegories, Genesis (on the work of J.M Subirachs), On 10 works by Antoni Tàpies, The 85 colors of Joan Miró, etc. In 1994 the Generalitat of Catalonia awarded him the Cross of Sant Jordi.

The event will be presented by Arcadi Oliveres, an economist and, later, the artist and musician Miquel Pujol, who will offer a cello concert with pieces composed by himself.

Presentation of the exhibition: April 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the Archive of the Crown of Aragon. Palace of the Viceroys. C/ Comtes 2 (Barcelona)

From April 22 to June 24, 2015

Baltasar Porcel - Pujol Grau - Miquel Pujol Pulse para ampliar
Albert Casals - José Corredor-Matheos - Miquel Pujol Pulse para ampliar
Efi Cubero - Arnaldo Marcolini - Miquel Pujol Pulse para ampliar
Miquel Pujol - Miquel Martí i Pol - Miquel Pujol Pulse para ampliar