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Margarita Tintó i Sala (1930-2017)

Margarita Tintó (1954)

Margarita Tintó i Sala was born in Parets del Vallès in 1930.

She graduated in Philosophy and Letters and was a medievalist who dedicated most of her professional life to the field of museums, being a curator at the Museum of Barcelona and directing the Mossèn Cinto Verdaguer Museum in Vil·la Joana (MUHBA).

Certificate of services in the ACA (1959) Pulse para ampliar

But between 1954 and at least 1959, she had worked intensely at the ACA, where she arrived at the age of twenty-four as a graduate to carry out her own investigations, and where, according to the certificate issued by the Secretary of the archives in July 1959, she carried out transcriptions of documents for third parties. Between 1954 and 1957 he also produced various catalogs commissioned by the center itself. We understand that to the satisfaction of those responsible, because between July and November 1957 she was elected to replace an interim official of the Auxiliary Corps of Archives, Libraries and Museums, Josefa Orús Crespo, together with the also interim Carmen Romay del Corral, until the arrival of the class of assistants that included Mercedes Palau Baquero, Josefina Font Bayell, María Teresa Llopis Pallarés and María de la Paz Fernández Alonso. In July of that same year, María Dolores Mateu Ibars joined the ACA as an assistant, and Rosalía Oliver Meroño left by transfer. During 1958 she had also been a CSIC scholarship holder in the archive, carrying out historical-literary research. And, in April 1959, she was appointed interim official of the Facultative Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archaeologists, to also work in the ACA.

BOE (1967) Pulse para ampliar

Between 1955 and 1956, she consulted royal registers and letters from the Chancery of Fernando I, to carry out her thesis. As of 1957, the consultation of records diversifies to other reigns, such as those of Juan II and Fernando II. Consultations are not interrupted until mid-1962.Salto de línea In the summer of 1966 she participated in the International Summer Course of the Center d'Études Supérieures de Civilization Médiévale of the University of Poitiers-CNRS.

Gaceta de Barcelona (1967) Pulse para ampliar

She applied for the opposition to be a technical curator of the Museum of the History of the City of Barcelona in 1967 (BOE No. 207, of August 30, pp. 12265). The municipal appointment took place on October 11 (Gaceta de Barcelona, ​​October 31, pp. 645-646). Although he had previously worked for the MUHBA, and in 1966 he had presented a catalog of museum campaigns to the IX National Congress of Archeology, together with his two classmates the following year, Anna Maria Adroer and Joaquina Sol.

Margarita Tintó (2008, Diari de Granollers)

Her historiographical work focused, among other topics, on the analysis of the guilds, the monasteries and the royal patrimony. And, of course, the activity, funds and discoveries of the Barcelona museum itself, where she worked for more than thirty years (CCBAE; Dialnet).

She passed away on October 29, 2017 in Granollers.Salto de línea